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February 16, 2009 · By Gert Franz · 20 Comments

In this blog entry I want to gather all different Railo installation guides I have found in the past couple of months and share them with you. Many people are asking us about an installation guide for their system. We will have guides for all different kind of operating systems on our new Railo website next month, but for the moment this list should be able help you with your installation problems.

Microsoft Windows

Railo blog: Configuring IIS6 with Railo
Railo blog: Railo and Apache
Doug Boude: Railo with Tomcat 6 and Windows 2K8 with IIS7

hockeypFeF blog: Installing Railo Server on IIS7 64bit
Markus Skrabal (in german): Apache JBoss & Windows 2003 - multi context
Gary gilbert's blog: Apache JBoss & Windows 2003 - multi context (translated from Markus)


Railo blog: Installing Resin/Railo on CentOS
Gary Gilbert's blog: Installing Railo 3 on Linux (CentOS)
hockeypFeF blog: Railo Server and Apache

Suse 10:
Gary Gilbert's blog: Installing Railo 3 on SUSE 10 with Apache2 and Tomcat

Mark Mandel's blog: Installing Railo with Resin and Apache on Ubuntu Server
James R J Constable: Installing Railo 3 on Tomcat 6 via Apache 2 on Ubuntu 8.04
Jamie Krug: Railo 3.0 on JBoss AS 4.2 via Apache 2.2 with Root Context and No Proxy

Apple Mac OSX

OSX Luis Majano's blog: Railo (Resin) Apache and Mac OS X - A FAST Combination

Combined setups

Matt Woodward's blog: Open BlueDragon + Railo + ColdFusion on Tomcat
Sean Corfield's blog: Railo + OpenBD + ColdFusion on JRun

Other setups

EAR deployment ColdShen: Deploying Railo as an EAR under JBoss 5

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