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July 3, 2009 · By webrat · 1 Comment

This probably going to be a recap of things that a lot of you may already know. If not, here's your chance to read the recap and to get involved!
  • Railo (build is current public beta preview.
  • Railo (build is currently available via the admin by pointing your update URL to - which has some bug fixes and Built-in-Tag/Function support. If you're looking to beta <cfajaxproxy>, you'll need this build.
  • Railo (build is currently available via the admin by pointing your update URL to - This is bleeding edge and should be used at your own risk. This is here because Railo Team fixed something and asked you to verify a fix or because you like it when your server bleeds.

Sean Corfield has written a post on how you can build your own Railo from the source - it's important that you remember to use the JDK 5 (Not 6!) when building.  Last, but not least, Sean also posted an answer to a twitter question, "Why would I want to build from the source?" - It's a very good question and one that I think you should read.  Information on how to get involved and submit patches is forthcoming once the Railo codebase settles down on JBoss website.  For now, feel free to communicate via the Railo mailing list.

There are 2 Railo Express builds available:

There are 3 Railo mailing lists:
  • Railo Discussion
  • Railo Beta
    • This is for discussions of beta testing anything new within the community. Currently, the Linux installer and <cfajaxproxy> discussions are filling up the group.
  • Railo Discussion
    • This is a group for volunteering your time to help get back in shape. Instructions on how to volunteer are already posted on the group and available for anyone to read when they subscribe.
    • This is not a group to beg or get the inside scoop on where documentation is. We're aware that it's a problem and we're working on it.

Please remember that Railo is LGPLv2.1. If you're like me, you're probably wondering what exactly that means? Gert passed me a link as an explanation to help explain and he also passed me a counterpoint explanation of why a project shouldn't be LGPL.  As you're reading this, you're probably wondering, why would someone give you a counterpoint link? Because it's important to understand that the Railo team choose LGPL for a reason and already weighed the pros/cons of GPL vs. LGPL.  Sean also managed to find another good explanation (pdf) ( GPL is explained on pages 49-62 - it's quite an in-depth analysis! -Sean ).

The CFML community as a whole is going to have to start realizing that they have a lot of power under LGPLv2.1 already. If they feel that there's something that needs to be addressed (such as an installer?), there is *nothing* holding you back from getting involved! If you're not comfortable submitting java patches and such, it doesn't mean you can't make suggestions or help report bugs or make friends within the community and work on a project together.

And, lastly, please remember that you can send me an email anytime you want. I'm in East Coast USA, so... be aware of my time slot (EST, -5 GMT). I will do my best to help you with anything Railo specific and or chase down the Railo team for answers. If you have suggestions about the community (I know I do, I have a couple community stuff up my sleeves that haven't been announced yet) and/or just want to make a comment about anything. I just ask that you understand that I'm a volunteer, I do have a life (wife2be, 2 step kids, 2 dogs) and I do work for a living. My response may be somewhat delayed, but I'm usually fairly prompt in answering questions.

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  • 1 Chris // Jul 6, 2009 at 1:52 PM

    &quot;Fairly prompt&quot; he says.... last time I asked a question Todd's response came back within 2 minutes. If that is &quot;fairly&quot; prompt, then what will be &quot;really fast&quot;? ;-)

    Todd, you're doing a great job as a community manager and I hope you know that this work is very much appreciated.



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