(Last) Railo beta release (

April 09, 2014 · By Michael Offner · No Comments

On the "Development" update provider, you can find the latest Railo Beta release (

That release not only bring a lot of bug fixes, it also has some new features.

Iterator (Callback/Closure) Functions

In the last release we already added a couple of new iterator functions to Railo (arrayEach,arrayEvery,arrayMap,...), in this release we even extended that list with iterator functions for the "query" and  "string lists".
So we have new the following functions:
- QueryEach
- QueryEvery
- QueryFilter
- QueryMap
- QueryReduce
- QuerySome
- ListEach
- ListEvery
- ListFilter
- ListMap
- ListReduce
- ListSome
We had a vivid discussion about how the argument scope of the udf/closure called with the query functions should look like, again thx to everybody for that!
We decided not do add a new "QueryColumn" type to Railo and simply pass the current row as a struct to the closure/udf and the hole query with the 3th argument
(We will do a detailed blog post about this in the near future).
Of Course all the new query functions can also be used "member functions" (Example: myQuery.each(function(struct row,numeric rowNumber,query query){dump(row)});).
The "List" Functions work the same way as the array functions, with the different that you call them with a string list and not a array ;-)
ATM the list functions are not supported as "member functions" (more below).
In the last release we also added iterator functions that are not specific to a type, functions that can handle all kind of "collections", the same way <cfloop collection="..."> can.
problem was that the short names of this functions getting in conflict with existing  UDFs defined by existimg CFML applications, for example the function "map" that is also used as UDF in "wirebox".
So we decided to rename this functions to "collection...", so for example "Map" is now renamed to "collectionMap".
Of course all this new iterator functions (except ...reduce) are supporting parallel execution like the existing ones!
Member Functions
Railo is supporting member functions for some time now, for the types [array,date,struct,query]. In the current beta release ACF has adopted this feature and they added additional support for the type string,"list" and image as well.
In this release we added support for "string" as well (and the next release will support "image"), what we not have is support for "list" functions, because it was not sure at the time of the release how they will look like in ACF (current implementation is not ... very good and they plan to change it for the next beta release).
Until the final release all of this is not curved in stone, so please feel free to eat it alive!
we also added new member function for strings (startsWith,endsWith,isEmpty)
GetBuiltInFunction (experimental)
This new function is returning you any built in function as a object that can be used the same way as a closure/udf.
function test(function finder,string str,string sub){
   return finder(sub,str);
if(custom) func=function (string sub, strig str){...};
else if(caseSensitive) func=getBuiltinFunction("find");
else func =getBuiltinFunction("findNoCase");
Function Reference Documentation in Admin
in the function reference in the Railo Administrator you can now filter functions by keywords, so for example you choose "iterator" to list only the iterator functions.
Unary operators
Thx to Adam Cameron we have uncovered a bug with all unary operators that is fixed with this release.
This is the last beta release for 4.2, so please report any problem you have with it
Have fun

List of Jira Tickets solved
[RAILO-2250] - add member function isEmpty() to String

Feature Request
[RAILO-2986] - add function QueryEach
[RAILO-2987] - add function QueryEvery
[RAILO-2992] - add function QueryMap
[RAILO-2994] - extend function ListFilter
[RAILO-2995] - add function ListMap
[RAILO-2996] - add function ListReduce
[RAILO-2997] - add function ListSome
[RAILO-2998] - add string member functions
[RAILO-3001] - add member methods startsWith() and endsWith() to string objects
[RAILO-2961] - returning a complex object containing an array of complex objects with base components, does not return base components properties
[RAILO-2963] - Providing array of Structs for SOAP function argument as an array of Complex objects
[RAILO-2965] - properties of complex soap arguments are not dynamically typed
[RAILO-2976] - webservice Complex Objects as arguments don't get accessible data.
[RAILO-2978] - Soap webservices Complex type composed of an array of complex types, throws exception
[RAILO-3003] - webservice with component argument breaks
[RAILO-3005] - railo-inst.jar is deleted during upgrade process
[RAILO-3022] - unary operator creating a new variable in a other scope in some situation

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CFML Tip Of the week: Replacing the last element of a string

April 01, 2014 · By Gert Franz · 1 Comment

The functions replace() and replaceNoCase() offer the option to either replace one element or all elements. But what if I want to replace the last occurrence of a given text.

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Dynamic function calls

March 25, 2014 · By Gert Franz · 2 Comments

Sometimes when for example you do a validation of a certain field, the check method you want to use in order to perform your check is unclear. There is a very neat way of approaching that with Railo.

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Tip of the week - improved tag output cfdump

March 11, 2014 · By Gert Franz · 2 Comments

This is a quick entry about the changes we made for the tag CFDump in the latest release of Railo 4.2.

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Railo Beta release (

March 06, 2014 · By Michael Offner · No Comments

There is a new beta release from Railo 4.2 ( on the dev update provider.

This release includes some bugfixes (see list below) but also 3 new features (2 adapted from ACF11 Beta).
This function was ready for some time, but we waited for ACF11 Beta to release, so we could match the functionality (supported arguments)
This function now allows to execute a Query with a build in function as follows
// parameters as array
queryExecute("select firstname,lastname from Address where city=?",['new Bern']);
// or parameters as struct
queryExecute("select firstname,lastname from Address where city=:city",{city:'new Bern'});
// more complex data

queryExecute("select firstname,lastname from Address where city=:city",{city:{value:'new Bern',sqltype:'varchar'}});

BTW: you can use the same construct with the tag cfquery (including script tag)
<cfquery params="#['new Bern']#">
select firstname,lastname from Address where city=?
ACF11 Script Tag Syntax 
In addition to the already supported tag syntax, we adapted the script tag syntax from ACF11, that looks as follows
cfloop(from:1,to:10,index:"i") {
you can use all tags with that syntax, including  external tags with other prefix and custom tags
Of course the "old" syntax will still be supported
loop from=1 to=10 index="i" {
But the old syntax will get a "deprecated" state with Railo 5.0 and perhaps get removed with Railo 6.0
Keep order of Json Struts
when you load a struct as part of a Json String, you had no chance until now, that you keep the order of elements in that struct, take this example
the resulting struct in data was in a wild order until now, so perhaps "b,c,a", but now Railo is keeping always the order and you always have "a,b,c" in that case!
Have fun with that release!
List of new Features
[RAILO-2202] - add BIF queryExecute()
[RAILO-2916] - add support for CF11 script tag syntax
[RAILO-2918] - keep order when deserialize a json struct
List of Bugfixes
[RAILO-502] - cfchart doesn&#39;t seem to use getContextRoot() for image URL
[RAILO-1563] - CFC SOAP web services doesn&#39;t allow you to use custom types as arguments
[RAILO-1987] - &quot;No matching Method&quot; exception with SOAP service - ACF compatibility
[RAILO-2016] - CFCHART URL attribute not working
[RAILO-2030] - CFChart - Unable to turn x-axis labels to display vertically
[RAILO-2275] - ORM - fieldtype=&quot;id,many-to-one&quot; works in CF10, but not Railo
[RAILO-2282] - cfchart the image map is only generated the first time the page renders
[RAILO-2615] - CFC SOAP web services don&#39;t convert key-value pairs to objects
[RAILO-2645] - J2EE-based session is not serializable
[RAILO-2803] - cfchart image paths are invalid when deploying railo with a context root
[RAILO-2886] - JDBC-Other has invalid classname as default
[RAILO-2888] - unnecessary synchronized setting
[RAILO-2894] - Flex AMF + cfthrow Issue
[RAILO-2895] - Clear Cache buttons from Admin server.cache fails
[RAILO-2901] - CallStackGet() reports wrong function names
[RAILO-2902] - super reference invalid when called from within closure
[RAILO-2919] - cachedwithin in cffunction caches infinite
[RAILO-2921] - isValid(&quot;integer&quot; ,&quot;1 5&quot;) returns true
[RAILO-2327] - enhance BIF GetLocalHostIP() to return all addresses
[RAILO-2634] - many cfchart horizontal types not working
[RAILO-2881] - parseDateTime() doesn&#39;t interpret just a YYYY ISO date correctly
[RAILO-2913] - Tags with several bodies can cause compilation issues

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Tip of the week: loops

March 03, 2014 · By Gert Franz · No Comments

When working with CFML there are little things that can make your life easier. Like for instance extending the functionality of loops. Loops are a very fundamental construct in CFML and therefore used very frequently. So adding extra functionality to such basic elements of a language can be of huge impact in ones daily programming work. At least for me, this definitely applies to loops.

[

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Tip of the week: default tag attribute values

February 20, 2014 · By Gert Franz · No Comments

We have decided to revive the tip of the week series, since we have tons of new things that are in Railo 4.1 and upcomin in Railo 4.2, that we would like to publish a tip each week.
So here's the first tip of a feature that we have introduced in Railo 4.2 and which I consider to be a VERY major thing further on.

[

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Railo 4.2 Beta released

December 24, 2013 · By Gert Franz · 8 Comments

Railo 4.2 is as of now available as beta release and can be downloaded from our download page. There has been a lot that has made its way into this version and we are very proud of the work we have delivered. We are very sure that there are some features that again are changing the game in the CFML world

[

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Railo at CFCamp 2013!

October 02, 2013 · By Gert Franz · 2 Comments

We are very happy to be back this year as Platinum Sponsors of CFCamp! This is always a very fun and informative conference for us to go to and we are really looking forward to seeing you there! As in previous years, the majority of our team will be at the event and we are looking forward to letting you know about the latest developments that we have been working on.

[

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Railo Teams Up with Daemon in Asia Pacific to Create Professional Service Excellence

May 14, 2013 · By Mark Drew · 2 Comments

LONDON, UK, May, 11, 2013 — The Railo Company Ltd; creators of the Open Source Railo Server and a leading global provider of CFML products and services and Daemon; a well established web development company based in Australia, announced that they are teaming up. Through the partnership, joint customers can rely on Daemon to support Railo Server throughout the APAC territory.

The partnership forms a centre of technical excellence and a Sales and Marketing alliance between The Railo Company and Daemon.

[

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